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Home of Somerset's own unique hot sauce.

Our hot sauce recipe took over 2 years of hard work to develop, and the result is a flavour packed sauce that we believe is a truly unique addition to the UK chilli sauce market. Now you may be asking “what makes your hot sauce so different from the others?” Well we can answer that - it would be the unique blend of crushed herbs & spices our sauce is made with, that give every taste of our hot sauce a subtly different flavour; what's more is the exact blend is only known to our hot sauces' creator, so you won't find it anywhere else! Of course, you don't have to take our word for – you can visit our online shop and, if you like what you see, try it for yourself!
Already a fan of our hot sauces? We might be working on a dry-rub, and maybe some new chilli sauce & hot sauce flavours, and you would like to be the first to know when tell the world? You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for all the latest updates, offers, and news about The Somerset Hotsauce Company & our products.

Interested in the whole story of who we are, & how we got to where we are? Or maybe you would like something to read, to pass some time? Click here to find out more about us!

Coming Soon – keep an eye for our recipe pages, for ideas on some great meals you can make with our sauces!

We would like to thank all our friends for their support in helping getting the company from a pipe dream to the reality that it now is! A super special shout out to our friends at Shiny Rubbie People (the superstar bakers) and The Best of British Deli (best butties in Bath) for the use of their facilities, and to Jack Larbalestier for the lovely banner and home page photos (the others are our fault).

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at enquiries@somersethotsauce.co.uk


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